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L’opposition Syrienne à Bernard-Henri Lévy: Aller voir ailleurs

Syrian Opposition to Bernard-Henri Levy: Get lost

By: La Spetieme Wilaya

How do we know that an opposition movement fighting one of the most atrocious dictatorships in modern times has a set of mature leaders? Well, we look at how their leadership reacts in dire times when it is being subjected to tremendous persecution and completely isolated from the outside world.  This is exactly what the Syrian opposition exhibited today by refusing to be used as a media ping-pong ball by Bernard-Henri Levy for his own self-gratification.

By inviting himself into the Syrian revolution, Bernard-Henri Levy—aka BHL—seeks once more to varnish his world super-hero shield, as a defender of all oppressed people who fight for their political freedoms.  However, the two-bit philosopher, who by the way has not published any significant academic work for awhile now, was told by the brave Syrian opposition leaders to “get lost.”  What the Syrian opposition showed by refusing the invitation of BHL to take part in his so-called “manifestation de soutien a l’opposition Syrienne,” is moral fortitude, and intellectual honesty and consistency. Basically, they exhibited every admirable characteristic that BHL lacks.

It would have been very easy and even very tempting for an embattled opposition who has been submitted to an inhumane assault by the Al-Assad’s regime to jump on this opportunity to bring more attention to its valorous and glorious cause. Instead, the leaders of the Syrian opposition reminded BHL that if human rights violations are unbearable in Syria, they should be unbearable everywhere—including in Gaza, the West Bank, and Palestine.  This intellectual honesty exhibited by the Syrian opposition is admirable. Suhair Atassi, one of the leaders of the Syrian opposition, reminded BHL that he could not justify the atrocities committed by the Israeli army against the Palestinian people on the one hand, and on the other hand attack the atrocities committed by the Syrian army against the Syrian people.  Human right violations are human right violations everywhere and in all times, notwithstanding the identity of the violator. In a word, BHL you are persona non grata.

This is a lesson of humility, courage, fortitude, and honesty that BHL has gotten at the hands of the besieged and brave Syrian opposition leaders.  Now, get lost and leave the Syrians alone. They can fight and bring down the Al-Assad regime without your help. In fact, your help is not welcome

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