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Egypt: Videos of the pro-Morsi protests & of other events from July 13, 2013

The military-run Egyptian media have established a blackout on all  pro-Morsi protests. It is as if they are not taken place or they haven’t been any pro-Morsi protests lately. But the reality is that for the last week, pro-Morsi protests have taken place every day, in almost every city, and every night since the beginning of the month of Ramadhan. And the numbers of pro-Morsi protesters that the MB has been able to mobilize have dwarfed the anti-Morsi protesters. We decided here to offer an alternative view and coverage and to post as many videos and pictures of the protests as possible. We are choosing to cover the pro-Morsi protests for the simple reason that we do not support censorship.  In fact, we abhor it, and we abhor biasness of the  media coverage that serves the Egyptian military junta, and the authoritarian regime that has taken root in Egypt in these last a few days. If Egyptians care about democracy-as they pretend they do–they should first and foremost protest the military junta that is slowly reestablishing a Mubarak-style regime in the country.

Click on this link to see a 10 minute video of a very large pro-Morsi protest that too place on July 7, 2013

Click here or on the link below to watch a video   that shows the testimony of a prison warden who explains how he was ordered, forced, and coerced into letting a large number of prisoners break free. He was told to look away and let these prisoners break free, and he went on to explain how this phenomenon of prison breaks across Egypt has became all of the sudden a pandemic. Indeed, for the last 6 to 8 months, several prison breaks–some of them from high security prisons–took place, and the warden in this video argues that this was all planned and directed by the military and the ministry of interior for one purpose: to create as much chaos as possible and to create an environment of insecurity and fear inside Egypt under Morsi.

Link to the video

Clip of the pro-Morsi protests from Al-Awdiya square: Click on the link to watch the video

Clip of the Pro-Morsi protests in the streets of Cairo (yesterday 7-13-2013)

Clip of the Pro-Morsi protests in the streets of Cairo (yesterday 7-13-2013)

Al-Jazeera Arabic put together a short documentary that points out the an unbelievable level of news biased coverage of the pro-Morsi protests as well as how the military junta has clamped down on pro-MB news channels and any coverage that it didn’t deem favorable to its narrative

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